About RigPark

RigPark’s mission is to provide high quality, suitable and convenient parking for truckers when and where they need it and to create new revenue opportunities for property owners, while also helping the industry become more eco-friendly.

RigPark is creating a network of parking spaces throughout the United States located where truckers need parking -- typically in areas which have little or no truck parking today. RigPark's free iOS and Android app is a simple, easy to use way for truckers to find, reserve and then pay for parking which simplifies the parking experience and ensures that the space is available when and where a trucker needs it. RigPark also allows property owners to benefit from a new cost-free revenue stream. All a property owner has to do is sign up, take pictures of the spaces, and let RigPark do the rest. Its that easy to begin earning additional income. Finally, by reducing the time truckers spend looking for parking, RigPark helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gases.

Whether you are a trucker, property owner, or partner, using RigPark can benefit you.

  • Property owners can take their property and extract additional revenue without any additional cost or work.
  • Truckers benefit from being able to find, reserve and pay for parking in advance; increasing income, reducing stress, and providing schedule control.
  • Partners benefit by having an opportunity to expand their opportunities in the transportation industry.


Are you a trucker looking to save time finding parking?

Property Owners

Do you want an additonal, cost-free revenue stream?

RigPark solves truck parking by making suitable parking available where and when truckers need it...

Rigpark has property owners who make parking available for trucks when and where truckers need it. These properties are located in areas which do not have signficant parking today - such as in warehouse districts. RigPark works with local property owners who are willing to let trucks park at their locations for a modest fee. Because our properties are distributed, they are often closer to a drivers desired destination. Park, sleep, get-up and be first-in to the dock!

How can RigPark help you?

For Truckers

If a driver is caught in traffic and running up against an HOS deadline, hit our quick-search button to find the nearest-available parking spot!


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For Property Owners

Generate additional income with no additional cost or work - list your available parking spaces with RigPark and RigPark will do the rest.


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For Partners

Are you looking to participate in this groundbreaking and revolutionary opportunity?


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