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The RigPark sharing economy business model is providing a Gig-Economy Solution to an intractable problem of Truck Parking. Government Regulation, Traffic and economic growth, all contribute to increased driver stress, lower earnings and higher driver turnover. The RigPark sharing economy model also has the potential to remove 1.6% of the US gashouse emissions annually by eliminating the number 1 issue truckers face each day and that is finding parking.

RigPark is looking for partners to help it grow.

Agents benefit from long-term residuals tied to portfolios of property. Certain types of Partner's who have specific truck-service related businesses may also have cross-sell opportunities from increased trucker-flow (tire and maintenance shops for instance).

Are you a trucking firm looking to find a way to attract good drivers?

Finding parking is a big problem for truckers -- if you help solve that for them you will attract and retain better drivers

Are you a company which services trucks and is looking for additonal ways to make service available to them?

Our platform will be the premier platform for truckers looking for parking. Do you want truckers to know about your services or products as well?

Do you want to earn additional money referring property owners to us?

We offer a recurring referral fee for persons that refer property owners to us

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