Property Owners

Could you use more revenue without additional cost?

RigPark will do all the work for you -- all you have to do to start earning additional money is sign your location up with RigPark. RigPark will set the price for your space, market your space to truckers, and collect the parking fees from truckers. Its that easy.

Don't know if you have space? Even if have heavy operations at a busy facility, which means you may have a great location, you probably still have some available parking off-peak hours. Make spots available during off-hours and turn that into money. Do not wait, however. RigPark plans to sign up a limited number of locations in an area so be the first to secure your location in the RigPark community.

RigPark is the perfect solution to increase your revenue without any cost. Convert a portion of your property into short term rental parking for truckers, earning you extra income!

You can now be part of the sharing economy platforn and start by converting a few spaces to short-term rental parking. Or, if you facility is super-busy, convert a few spaces at specific hours to short-term parking.

View Your Properties

RigPark allows you to monitor who is parking at your location.

Oversee Rentals

RigPark sets the rates to maximize your revenue. RigPark also allows you to view and report on the extra revenue that allowing short-term truck parking on your property earns you.

Get Paid!

RigPark takes the hassle out of taking payment -- RigPark handles getting payment from the trucker when they reserve the spot and pay you for its use.


Keep an eye on who's on your property and monitor activity


Check your bookings and communicate with truckers


Generate income from your property


Ready to get started?

Save time and money, boost your earnings, and gain access to safe and convenient premier parking locations. Sign up for more information!