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Solving the lack of truck parking in the Atlanta Area

The lack of truck parking has become a point of contention recently in the ATL area due to the overwhelming lack of it. This lack of parking is making it harder for truckers to abide by the federally mandated hour limit that they are allowed to work. While they are allowed to work 14 hours a day, only 11 of that can be driving with a required 30-minute break. These requirements make it increasingly hard for truckers to find consistent parking due not only to the lack of it but also since their time requirements may put them far away from known parking locations. This means they spend time on highways stuck in traffic attempting to reach parking locations that may be far outside where their delivery location may be. Factor in the new federal law that requires all truckers to keep an electronic log at all times to keep track of their hours, the need for readily available and consistent parking is increased.

The daily grind of being a trucker isn’t the romantic idea of a C.W. McCall song; most of their time is spent beholden to the schedule of hose they are delivering to. In the greater ATL area, many of the counties have either no parking spaces to only several hundred to accommodate a trucker pool of tens of thousands. If those truckers can’t find a spot, they run the risk of having their truck impounded or booted. These risks along with the overwhelming shortage have created a need in the market for a smart, industry-leading solution to rectify the parking problem not only in Atlanta but also nationwide. RigPark is that solution and is ready to ease the daily hassle of trucker parking by offering easily accessible, clean, and available parking so that truckers can be more efficient in doing their job.

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