Trucking Firms Large and Small Urged to Think Electric

With the recent changes to the trucking industry, namely those that change the way truckers have to operate, there has been what seems to be less and less focus on the electrification of industry. However, while ELDs and the changes to the HoS are significant and far-reaching in their ability to shape the industry, the widespread implementation of the alternative electric options aims to change the industry from the ground level. At a recent expo held in Long Beach, California, industry officials met with experts to discuss, inform, and continue to educate themselves on the future of what electric trucking will bring to the industry.

As Amanda Phillips, general manager of OEM sales at Meritor, put it:

If you don’t look toward the future, all of a sudden, your business goes away.

That mindset rings true for an industry that has been years behind similar sectors due to the unnecessary stubbornness of some within trucking who rebuke change. While that is to be expected in an industry whose median age is higher than similar industries, being an analog industry in a rapidly paced digital age does not help the industry as a whole to grow and prosper.

While many companies are still hesitant to begin discussions to work towards electrification of the fleet, many companies are starting serious inquiries into how that can be achieved. While it is a long road ahead, getting to zero-emissions for the industry as a whole, or at least a substantial percentage of the industry, is something that all truckers should strive for. It’s another notch in the belt of an industry that drives this country and provides so much to nearly everyone in the US.

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