US regulators reject ELD pleas, put focus on trucker hours

The fight against the ELD mandate rages on into final months of 2018 as trucking companies. The last vestiges of the battle are coming from companies who have submitted petitions to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in hopes of receiving an exemption. However, the FMCSA last week ruled that there would be no such exemption granted to any of these companies, rejecting all ten petitions completely. The reasoning for outright rejection was due to the FMCSA being unable to find that any of these companies would be able to adequately provide similar safety measures comparable to that of the ELD.

While the ELD mandate petitions failed for those companies, there have been several companies that have gotten successful petitions accepted by the FMCSA. These companies were granted exemptions on either partial or full-basis, but the number that was given was small. It seems the ELD mandate is not only here to stay but is also being unwaveringly supported by the FMCSA with very little to no room for change around it.

With the ELD being set in stone, the hours of service rules are now coming under greater scrutiny as they may have a chance of substantial change. The issue with the current HOS rules is that there is little to no real flexibility within them which makes it harder for truckers to not only work within them but also the ELD. The necessity for more flexibility within the HOS rules is essential for the industry as a whole as it will allow truckers not to rush or compromise their day to try and meet specific unrealistic HOS guidelines. RigPark is committed to easing the growing pains of ELD adoption and HOS rules by creating more safe, predictable parking for the trucking industry as a whole.

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