A Trucking Firm Installs Cameras To Promote Driver Safety And The Drivers Like It? Preposterous!

Recent talks of autonomous trucks and the passing of the ELD mandate is putting increased emphasis on the use of technology within the industry. While often reluctant to accept change or new tech tools imposed upon them, there is a push within the industry to put driver’s safety at the forefront of the discussions regarding industry practices such as on the road safety. This is an unfortunate side effect of the age of not only the industry itself but also of the truckers.  However, new tech adoption may be on the rise. Netradyne, an analytics company, is putting cameras that monitor driver’s ability to practice safe practices while driving. Logging “events” both positive and negative has become a useful tool in pushing the industry in a tech-forward direction that it isn’t commonly associated with.

These cameras face outward, left, right, and inward, but not continually recording the driver as not invariably to record their every move. This concession has allowed the drivers to not only take pride in the scores they receive on a proprietary app that has lead to positive competition within the current pilot companies that the tech is being tested. It helps lessen the inherent distrust some drivers may feel towards the cameras; an important distinction in an industry that generally shuns new technology. Like Netradyne, RigPark is working tirelessly to help shape and reinvent the parking problem that has plagued the industry for close to two decades. With companies like Netradyne hopefully paving the way for more receptive and open-minded trucking, RigPark looks to help lessen the daily hassle of spending long periods of time searching for safe, predictable parking.

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