Many Nevada truckers admit to ‘unauthorized’ parking amid growing crisis

With the rest of the country on alert with the shortage of truck parking, Nevada has begun steps to pinpoint the cause of the issue. In past month, the Nevada Department of Transportation has worked directly with trucker’s to assess firsthand the real breadth of the parking dilemma that is plaguing the state, and the industry as a whole. The DOT survey reflected previously reported national numbers of 15 to 60 minutes being spent daily looking for parking. While it may have been unnecessary for DOT Nevada to run their survey, it is interesting to see that their numbers directly reflect the national average identically.

Within the state itself, the two major interstates (15 and 80) are the ones experiencing the most problematic situations regarding the lack of parking. These interstates compromise a large percentage of the state’s truck traffic with areas near Las Vegas becoming impromptu “pop-up truck stops” for wary truckers searching for available parking. These have become a nuisance to the neighborhoods where they have become more prevalent, causing problems with the locals.

The state of Nevada is not an isolated case for the lack of trucker parking; far from it. The American Transportation Research Institute has reported that over 32% of all truckers admit to parking in unauthorized locations while another 16.7% do it often. The longer there is no movement on the issue of truck parking, the worse illegal parking, pop-up truck stops, and other stop-gap solutions will continue to get. RigPark is on the cutting edge of working with local property owners to secure safe, predictable parking that can help to alleviate this issue.

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