Trucking Firms Offering Incentives For New Drivers

With the current shortage of truckers in the industry, trucking companies are offering more and more incentives to lure not only drivers just out of training but also current drivers. The industry is currently experiencing the most substantial upswing in demand in its history and, unfortunately, does not have the current capacity to handle all of the freight at reasonable prices. This trucker shortage has not only pushed trucking companies to become more aggressive about recruiting new truckers, but also to roll out appealing incentives in hopes of bringing them in.

The perks that these companies are offering to truckers range from hefty signing bonuses, minimum weekly wage, and even 401(k) plan matching. All of these incentives are being used to sway potential new truckers to one of the five major trucking carriers in the US, and it is working. Many students who enter into truck driving school are employed right out of graduation, a statistic that is uncommon in many other industries, especially with an above median yearly income. The training schools are having a hard time keeping up with the demand of nearly 120 companies in the US continually looking for new drivers.

With this influx of new drivers, the need for safe, predictable parking is becoming pressing as ever. Without the ability to park safely at night, many truckers are resorting to less than optimal options that can put them in danger or hamper their ability to do their job correctly. RigPark is committed to fixing the issue of truck parking, along the way helping to create a less stressful environment for truckers and their trucks.

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