Truck parking problems in search of solutions in big cities

The HOS (hours of service) and ELD (electronic logging devices) notwithstanding,  the need for truck parking continues to mount throughout the US. With the upcoming second Jason’s Law study, it will more than likely reveal that the lack of truck parking is as present as ever, which may come as a surprise to some within the government. The lack of and need for safe, predictable parking in areas that are less remote than 20-30 miles outside of a major city is becoming more evident every day.

Unfortunately, there is little movement to fix the parking issue since the land is seemingly at a premium in urban centers. Certain cities, like Detroit, have basic truck parking lots showing up due to determined pushes from those in the industry. These basic truck parking lots focus on security over everything else while offering essential amenities and the ability to leave to get food. However, this one city solution is not enough to fix a nationwide shortage of parking, and the problem is being further exacerbated. The exacerbation comes from trucking companies making concerted efforts to hire more new truckers which would widen the shortage gap even further.

While states are making efforts to combat the problem first hand, it’s but a small chunk of a massive issue. The lack of available spaces coupled with the inability to not only find parking but also determine in real time the availability of parking in real time has created a need for new ideas into the industry. RigPark hopes to help ease the daily grind of searching for parking with a safe, predictable, and progressive platform that looks to put the trucker in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding parking.

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