Trucking Industry Learns to Live With ELD Digital Monitoring

The ELD has become a massive point of contention within the trucking industry and for good reason. Not only does it force drivers to amend and alter their schedule so that they are able to meet the required 11 hours driving, 14-hour workday, 10 hours off but the technology is up to the task yet.

There are some within in the industry who have welcomed the ELD since it helps to remove the guesswork and manual alteration from the previous paper logs. These truckers applaud the ELDs ability to keep everyone honest at all times, unlike the paper system which allowed for all kinds of alterations and dishonest timekeeping.

The truckers who welcome the ELD are few and far between compared to those that are dissatisfied and upset about their mandatory adoption. The ELDs themselves have come under fire for tracking the constant whereabouts of all the drivers as well as making it harder to take breaks on the driver’s time rather than mandated. The lack of training for drivers as well as law enforcement surrounding the ELD is unfortunate as well since the manufacturers of the ELD are able to self-certify their own tech. This self-certification means that while the government is wanting to enact rules, they are unwilling to completely follow through.

RigPark is committed to helping alleviate some of the problems associated with the ELD since many truckers find it even harder to find parking with an ELD. In the past, drivers could take breaks on their own time, meaning they got to choose where they parked. However, now that breaks are mandatory, the drivers have to search for and sometimes illegally park. RigPark wants to pass ahead of the parking issue and offer safe, predictable parking for truckers who are already being inconvenienced enough.

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